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Hardwood Flooring Installation


Wood Installation

Installing a new floor in your home

Installing a new floor in your home can be an exciting but daunting task. It is our mission to make it a seamless and smooth a process for you. Choosing which flooring option is going to best suited for you can be a hard decision. We will walk you through which options we think are best for you! 


The preparation and installation will look a little different for every project, but we have a general set of guidelines we follow for every installation:


Step 1) Selecting a Product – You will either need to match an existing floor or pick a new wood floor that works with the look you are going for. There are many different wood species and grades to chose from, but do not worry we will be able to help you with that (if you haven’t already chosen). 


Step 2) Preparing the area for Install - This may include removing the baseboards, removing existing flooring (carpet, tile, lino, old wood etc.), repairing the subfloor, and cleaning/vacuuming the work area. Preparation may also include the removal of kitchen and bathroom appliances and doors. 


Step 3) Install – Depending on the type of flooring being installed, we will select the proper installation procedure. Subfloor and product type will dictate the method of installation. This could include nails, glue or floating. 


At this point in the process, the type of material you have chosen will determine the next steps. If you have chosen a site finish floor, this is where the refinish process would begin. If you have chosen engineered, pre-finished hardwood, laminate or a vinyl product, we will continue onto the finishing touches. 


Step 4) Finishing Touches - Baseboard will get re-installed (touch ups may be required by the homeowner) and we will do a final clean-up and inspection of the floor with the customer.

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