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What is hardwood refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing is the process of removing all layers of finish from an older site finished floor or a newer pre-finished floor. The sanding process we use to get your floor stripped back down to its beautiful, natural state is going to be different for every project. 


After the fine sanding process is done, we can either apply a clear coat or a customized stain to your floor. A clear coat will give it a natural look where a customized stain will change the look and feel of your floor. 

The refinishing process

Upon our arrival to your home, we will go over all the details of the refinishing process with you. This will include going over the sanding process, stain options, and topcoat finish choices. 

Choosing your colour and finish

We believe in giving you the floor of your dreams! We will walk you through a customized process of choosing a natural finish or a stain. After we have stripped your floor back to its natural state, we will apply customized samples on your floor so that you can choose what color best matches the look and feel you desire for your unique space.

Refinishing process

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