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About Finish Brand Loba-Wakol

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About Loba-Wakol

Loba-Wakol, LLC based in Charlotte, North Carolina is the US subsidiary of German market leaders Loba and Wakol who have partners and subsidiaries in over 40 countries throughout the world. Loba and Wakol are leading suppliers for adhesives and finishes within the flooring industry with innovative solutions and systems from the subfloor to the finished floor. In addition, Wakol provides a full range of industrial adhesives and Sealing Compound solutions to all industries where high quality, technological superior products and excellent service adds value.

About Our Stain Brand Bona

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About Bona

About Bona

About Bona

From the start of their company in 1919, a constant thread has woven the foundation of Bona. Our values of passion, performance and pioneering are present in everything we do from our products to our company culture to our sustainable business practices. It’s not only how they operate the business, it’s how they interact in the world

Types of Wood

With Diablo flooring, you have a variety of woods to choose from when installing hardwood flooring. The experts at Diablo flooring are knowledgeable about each type, enabling us to recommend the best solution for each home.

Red oak floor

Red Oak

Red Oak flooring is brown with dark grain lines and a pinkish tinge. It is a perfect choice for traditional-looking wood floors.

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Walnut is a strong wood and makes for attractive home flooring. It is brown in colour, but tends to lighten with age.

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Yellow Birch

A closed-grained, even-textured cream or light brown hardwood with lustrous brown flecks and warm undertones,

Maple floor.jpeg


Maple flooring has a whitish colour with light brown grain lines that are smooth to the touch. It can help create a clean, modern look or help brighten a dark room.

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 Barnwood is a type of reclaimed flooring that recycles wood planks from barns and other older structures to give it a unique look

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Hickory is a very dense, stiff, hard and shock resistant wood

birch wood floor.jpeg


The light colour of Birch flooring helps brighten dark rooms while the light brown grain lines and knots give it a clean, modern look.

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American Cherry

American cherry is a smooth-grained, reddish-brown hardwood that comes from the American Black Cherry fruit tree

brazilian cherryy wood floor.jpeg

Brazilian Cherry

It's colour ranges from rich orange to a deep, reddish brown, contrasted by intricate dark grains that cross the wood in straight runs and flowering patterns

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