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Maintenance Coats

  • Maintenance Coats are cost effective way to rejuvenate your existing floor

  • Within every 5 years a new maintenance coat should go down to effectively prolong the life of your hardwood floors

  • How long does this process take...? We will be in and out of your house within 1 day!!

*Depending on the condition of your floor, we can advise you whether you should screen and recoat, or sand the entire floor.*  

Hardwood floors need to be refinished?? New buyers and homeowners preparing their homes for sale find it appealing since they can make improvements before moving in or moving out. 


Floors that are lifeless, worn, and tired can be given a whole new lease on life for a fraction of the cost of refinishing. 


Sometimes, sanding your hardwood floor may not be an option and may even be unnecessary. When hardwood wear layers are very thin, the sanding process can become very challenging, or even not even possible. At Diablo Flooring, we remain committed to maintaining the integrity of your floor.


There are instances, however, in which the sanding process may not be necessary if a multitude of minor, light scratches have not penetrated the hardwood surface. We strive to protect your hardwood floors as much as possible, so that their life can last as long as possible. The best solution in such cases may be to recoat your floor.

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